About the Process

Each painting begins with a pen and ink drawing on rice paper – this is her guide for the placement of the wax.

Step 1 - Pen and Ink On Rice Paper

Step 1 – Pen and Ink Drawing is Completed

Whatever is to remain white is  painted out with hot wax and the lightest color is washed over the entire paper.

Step 2 - First Wax Resist and First Color       Step 3 - Additional Color is added with Wax     Step 4 - Additional color is added with wax resist

Steps 2, 3, and 4  - Colors are added and wax added.  The more colors, the more complex the process.   When this first color is dry, whatever is to remain this color is  painted out with hot wax. This is repeated working from lightest to darkest color until the entire paper is covered with wax.

Step 5 - Final wax resist

The wax is  removed using heat and absorbent paper.

Step 6 - Wax is romoved and the pictures is complete

There no prints of the batiks. The type of paper contributes to the finished product!

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